Dating While Divorcing: Can It Be Good?

A rebound relationship is no good, especially when your divorce is not yet final. Some spouses got to hurt with their failed marriage that the thought of being in a new relationship is a big no-no. However, there are others who only start dating right away. In fact, some of them start dating just before their divorce becomes final. Whether it is to combat feelings of loneliness or as a form of distraction from the messy divorce, a rebound relationship while divorcing won’t do you any good. From a legal standpoint, it is best to avoid any form of the new relationship until the divorce becomes final.

How can dating affect the divorce?

When you choose to apply for the no-fault divorce, the process might be pretty simple. You just need to prove that you and your spouse have tried your best to fix the marriage, but nothing seems to make it work. In a no-fault divorce, the adultery or affair of your husband might not mean much. In fact, the court will simply look into what you’ve done as a couple to ensure that the marriage is ending with a light heart from both parties.

However, if you filed for a fault-based divorce based on adultery, your spouse’s live-in partner of rebound relationship will certainly help you prove the case. Not only will it strengthen your claim, but it could speed up the process too. If you are fighting over child custody, the adultery claim may help in convincing the judge that your spouse may not be a right fit, especially when parenting is concerned. Adultery does not set a good example for the children.

Will it affect property division?

Legally, a fault-based claim does not affect the distribution of properties, assets, and other liabilities. However, when one of the spouses seem to splurge on jewelry, travel and even real estate for a lover, the judge may consider giving that spouse less during the division of the properties. Sometimes, the court also requires the cheating spouse to pay a larger portion of the marital debts incurred. If you are in a rebound relationship and this relationship is the one that caused the marriage to fall apart, you should be prepared to face the consequences.

However, if your new relationship happened after you have filed for divorce and while you’re at the stage of moving on, it might not affect the court proceedings that much. But if you were to ask divorce lawyers, they will advise you to hold off any form of romantic relationship until the divorce comes to a final. This will not only save you from all the trouble, but it will allow the kids to transition smoothly from the family that you once were to the two homes that they have to live in now.