Divorce Issues: What Do You Need To Work On?

Marriage, they say, brings out the worst in people. This may perhaps be true until the couple realizes they don’t love each other that much anymore and decide to file for divorce. Although not all divorce cases are filled up with unresolved personal issues and grievances, most divorce cases end up with the couples fighting over so many things including child custody, child support and property. The tricky part of going through the divorce involves the many different decisions that one has to make in the process.

How do you know what you want out of the divorce? With the emotional rollercoaster you are in, it’s just impossible to make rational decisions. The goal of hurting your spouse may be the first on your mind, but doing so isn’t going to help you through. At this point, it is best to consult with your lawyer about the divorce issues that you may have. They are not only there to provide you with legal support, but they can also help you sort things out and determine your needs and wants after the divorce has been made final.

Child Custody

The care and the custody of the children should be the first in the list of issues that need to be resolved early on in the divorce. Although it can be tempting to fight for the custody of the kids knowing how much it will hurt your spouse, it isn’t going to help. Remember that the goal for the negotiation of child custody is to provide the kids with a stable home where they can grow peacefully despite the divorce. Even though there is one parent that is willing to concede for the sake of the kids, there will always be other issues to discuss. These may include any of the following:

• Visitation schedule of the non-custodial parent

• Division of holiday and school vacation schedule

• Amount of child support

• Division of expenses

• Decision-making process

Division of Property

The distribution of assets and liabilities is always a major issue during the divorce. Assets may include real estate properties, art pieces, furniture and bank accounts to name a few. What should you be more concerned about? Do you want more money now? Are you looking at keeping more assets only to worry about tax payments in the future? Or do you just want to keep the marital home to hurt the other spouse? Establishing financial plan for yourself will help you secure the future.

Strategize a settlement offer with your divorce lawyer. From there, you can negotiate what your spouse can provide. Remember that the goal is to survive after the divorce has been made final. Setting your personal revenge goals on the side would indeed help you get through the process. Talk to your divorce lawyer and all will be well.

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