Divorce Must-Haves: What’s On Your List?

How prepared are you for the divorce process? Your lawyer must have all the documents necessary to present as evidence in court. And yet the real question is whether you know what you want out of the divorce or not? Have you figured out what your primary goal would be aside from the fact that the divorce will get you out of the marriage that you no longer want?

You must have priorities. Spouses who decide to apply for divorce should know what their priorities are. When you know what you want, it is easier to talk to your husband and negotiate. Think about what you can and what you cannot live without. If you are not sure what you should be asking for, then talk to your lawyer about it. The kind of lifestyle that you want to have after the divorce should help you determine what it is that you want.

You might say that you want it all, but you know you can’t have it all. In a divorce, the goal is always to split everything in half. Although it is quite impossible to end up with a 50-50 division of all the assets, each spouse and their divorce lawyers would always try to work things out so they could get the better half. Thinking that you can get everything in a divorce is not going to help you or your lawyer. Instead, you have to come up with your list of divorce must-haves.

Prepare yourself to compromise on everything else that you want but are not on your must-have list. Divorce is all about negotiations; that’s why it is important that you have your legal counsel with you all the time. You will have to discuss everything ahead with your lawyer and plan for the demands that you will put forward. Share everything you intend to require with your lawyer so that you can properly strategize what to do.

At some point, you will have to accept that you are not going to get everything you want. Negotiations are all about given and take. Identifying your needs and coming up with your must-have list will help you stick to your priorities and become more focused during the negotiations. After all, you have to know what you want so that you can explicitly ask for them. It is the only way your settlement can become successful.