Divorce Party: What Do You Think?

In the recent years, a lot of celebrities have brought their divorce parties in the forefront of entertainment news. In fact, divorce parties have become so popular that there are now books available to help out those who are planning their divorce parties for the first time. Most of the information in the books talk about how one could properly host a divorce party and every little detail to help you succeed in it.

Is this for real? This may perhaps be the first question one would ask when they hear about being invited to a divorce party. Whenever you hear people go through a divorce, you can’t help but feel sad for them. After all, they are going through a rough time not only as a couple but more as a family. You start to think about how the children are. The least that you expect is to hear someone celebrate the dissolution of their marriage when the divorce decision becomes final in court.

Apart from death in the family, filing for a divorce may be one of the most difficult things that a family has to go through. Sentimentality aside, the fact that a divorce finalizes the separation of the household makes it even more difficult for the children. They can become emotional throughout the process just thinking about going home to one parent at a time. Divorce can be very painful for both the spouses and the children. For many, having a divorce party might not seem right.

And yet some people feel that the finality of their divorce is like gaining their freedom back. They have already accepted that things just didn’t work out. Some spouses even believe that the divorce might be the start of something new. The journey in pain that they have embarked has finally come to an end and that they no longer have to suffer the emotional turmoil that came with the marriage. Once their divorce is final and their negotiations have been done and settled, they could only focus on working on helping their children see things through.

Is it appropriate to throw a divorce party? Should one celebrate the end of marriage? It all depends on people. How they view divorce depends on their purpose for applying for it. For some, the party may bring about comfort. Being around friends and family who have seen you through your worse might help people out. For others, their form of closure might not come in the shape of a party. Each to his own.