Divorce: What You Shouldn’t Do

How do you protect your legal rights through a divorce? They say that having a good Edmonton Divorce lawyer is one’s secret weapon in getting favourable results after the divorce. If you’ve got an experience divorce lawyer by your side, not only will you understand things but you will get the results that are favourable to you and your children. Legal rights that you fight for vary from state to state. It is highly important that you read about your legal rights under a particular state.

And yet at the same time, you have to be guided as to the things you shouldn’t be doing while the divorce process is going on. These laws are set in place for both parties to follow to ensure that both get what they wish to. Neither of the parties should do any of the following:

  • Never conceal, transfer, damage or destroy any property owned by either of the spouses without consent from both spouses or at least without approval from the family court.
  • Never try to move the children outside the jurisdiction of the court that is handling the divorce case. Doing so will only make the situation worse.
  • Never refuse to give your spouse enough time to be with your children too. Make them available for visits from the other parent they do not live with.
  • Never keep credit accounts that are only in your spouse’s name. If you have financial issues that need to be settled, especially if you’re concerned that your spouse may be running up debt, it is best to get your divorce lawyer workout a court protection order.
  • Never threaten or harm your spouse for any reason. If your partner has become violent to you, a restraining order from the court may be issued. Law enforcers always respond positively to domestic violence calls, especially when it involves women and children.
  • Never disregard orders from the court. When the court releases orders concerning the settlement of spousal disagreements like child custody or visitation rights, it expects both parties to respect and follow it. Attempts to disregard court orders can mean serious legal sanctions.

When divorce is the only option left for couples, it is best to seek the help of a dedicated and experienced divorce lawyer. Only a good lawyer can give you advise on what’s best for your situation.