Domestic Violence: Are You A Victim?

Domestic Violence, though not a lot of people openly talk about it, has become more common in marital relationships than most people think. In fact, statistics show that about four out of ten women suffer from domestic violence at some point in her life. There have been several reported cases of women getting killed by their intimate partner, and the reason is almost always the same – overwhelming love. And yet the court views domestic violence as a matter of who’s in control in the relationship. Perhaps the violence has become a person’s way of asserting control over their partner and their relationship.

Who are the victims of domestic violence?

Although statistics show that most victims of domestic violence are women, abusers and victims can come from any gender, of all ages and economic groups. Abusers can be step-parents, live-in partners, straight or gays, children and even relatives. Anyone can fall victim to abusers, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot get legal help. If they seek to defend themselves and get out of their current situation, finding a good lawyer will be able to help them achieve what they want.

Can domestic violence be grounds for divorce?

Sadly, most of the victims are women. In fact, many divorce cases in Canada have been filed by women who have experienced domestic violence. At this point, it is imperative for victims of domestic violence to seek the help of divorce lawyers who can provide them with legal contribute to finalize their divorce, but who can also offer them more than just that. Divorce lawyers can also be an advocate for your rights as women; thus, they can help strategize a good plan that will not only give finality to the marriage but will also provide you with rightful compensation for all your suffering while in the marriage.

Domestic violence can come in many forms. Whether you’re physically hurt or emotionally battered, it is important that you take action. Talk to a divorce lawyer if you seek not only to end the violence but to get what you should get for everything he or she has done to you.

Is domestic violence a simple family problem?

There is nothing simple about domestic violence. It is a crime. Charges may be filed against the abuser, and usually, they are prosecuted for what they have done. They may be separate from the divorce case, but it can be cited as one of the reasons why you are filing for the divorce.

Are you a victim of domestic violence? Stop and talk to a lawyer today. They can help you deal with it legally.