Exit Plan: What Do You Do After Divorce?

It might seem like a negative idea, but did you know that getting pre-divorce legal advice is one of the best things you can give yourself? Whether it is you or your spouse who ends up filing for divorce first, getting legal help from a divorce or family law expert is a practical step to take knowing that the marriage is doomed to fail. By simply thinking ahead, you are allowing yourself and your children to go smoothly through the transition process.

What do you consider before filing for divorce? Although the idea is for you to set aside any emotional attachment to the marriage, it is just too ideal to be achieved. If you are considering of filing for divorce and leaving your spouse, then you must have an exit plan. Pre-divorce planning is not about stripping your spouse with everything he has so you can keep it to yourself. Rather, it requires careful thinking to be able to make smart choices that will not put your financial future in jeopardy.

The more that you plan for the divorce and your life after it, the more stable you become in almost all aspects of life. Below are some of the areas that you need to put careful thought into:


If you plan to keep the children with you, it is a must that you have pre-computed the cost of how much you’ll require in a month to more than just survive. Remember that there will only be one source of income after the divorce has been made final; thus, you have to ensure that you can meet all your financial responsibilities and still have a little left to set aside for savings, especially when you have custody of the children.


The best way to avoid any financial difficulty is to ensure that your career plans are intact. If you need to submit yourself to re-training or maybe even go back to school, then you should do that. Your exit strategy should revolve around how you can improve yourself to provide better financial stability for yourself and your children.

Support System

Families often take sides during and after the divorce. It is highly important that you have your support system ready to cheer you on to continue fighting for what you’re due. Know who your real friends are and keep them. After all, you will need to have people you can lean on to when all else fails. You don’t want to burden your children with all your worries about the divorce or what the husband did to you.

What you think about before the actual divorce process will eventually make sense once the divorce has been made final. Just keep in mind that consulting everything with your divorce lawyer always makes things a little bit better.