Four Things a Family Law Attorney Counsels Not Do While Getting a Divorce

The proceedings of a divorce are seldom expedient for either of the partners. This period is usually fraught with grief and stress and is an emotional ordeal which might be amplified with the dealings for child custody and property division. Hence, it is customary for most couples to depreciate their disposition and act with an emotional outlook towards the proceedings.

However, treading forward with an emotional mindset not only makes your divorce trial further protracted but may also jeopardize your custodial hearings and affect the debt allocation. Consulting an experienced law attorney in Edmonton, Alberta can aid individuals in making this process easier. Here are a few more actions that should be necessarily avoided while getting a divorce:

  • Miscalculating the Settlement

It is crucial to itemize and tabulate your financial assets prior to the divorce proceedings. List down every valuable item you own, your current financial statements, your investments and your inheritance with the aid of your family law attorney in Edmonton, Alberta.

Maintaining transparency is essential while negotiating your divorce settlement. Most partners who are unable mitigate an amicable settlement either have impracticable expectations regarding their child or spousal support or have undisclosed assets prior to the proceedings. This could lead to relentless conflicts and even levitation of penalties for one partner.

  • Inadequate Debt Management

Due to the taxing nature of the ordeal, most couples hope to precipitate through the proceedings and get back to their normal routine. However, not resolving the issue of debt allocation carefully can lead to a heavy financial burden on the part of both spouses.

Dealing with debt after divorce constitutes the division of debt in accordance with the Matrimonial Property Act (MPA) and drafting a separation agreement. A proficient divorce attorney can ensure the debt division is completed methodically and you can resume your normal way of life as soon as possible.

  • Neglecting Property Division

Astute property division is especially important for couples who have been married for a long time or who share custody of a child. In their haste to complete the divorce procedure, couples can often overlook an appropriate division of property and end-up mislaying their inheritance and valuable assets. Provisions from the MPA are also responsible for determining property division after divorce and need to be complied with to ensure fair distribution of assets.

  • Declining to Attend the PAS Course

Declining to receive counselling sessions with a court-ordered therapist or not registering for the Parenting After Separation Course prior to the filing of divorce can discredit your sincerity as a parent and a spouse. Additionally, corresponding with a therapist can help partners resolve their conflicts amicably and cope with the demanding nature of divorce proceedings. Lack of this can often result in dire decisions due to the stressed mental states of spouses.

These were a few things couples should never do while obtaining a divorce. Consulting a reputable family law attorney in Edmonton Alberta can help you ensure these errors are omitted. Contact our legal experts to know more about getting a divorce in Alberta.