Hiding Assets Before Divorce: Should It Be An Option?

Hiding money and other assets before the divorce is always a terrible idea. At least, this is what most people would tell you, but not with the help of a good divorce lawyer. If you are contemplating on getting divorced, your concerns about assets, liabilities and savings must have crossed your mind. All of those will be divided equally between the husband and the wife. If there are children involved in the separation, the court will them decide how much of the assets will be set aside for the kids and how much each parent will get after child custody has been granted.

There are several reasons why one would think about hiding assets before filing for divorce. Some may do it out of sheer anger towards the spouse, especially if the illicit affair of the husband is the reason for the divorce. In the desire to get back at the spouse, some may consider hiding assets before they file for divorce to ensure that their husband gets less than what they have as a couple.

And then there are those who think about the hard work they put into accumulating all the assets that are now considered conjugal property. They believe that they are entitled to keep all of those for themselves because they primarily worked on it. Hiding assets before the divorce can put you in hot water during the divorce process, no matter how tempting it can be. Did you know that you can get into legal trouble for doing it too?

Although most divorce lawyer would be open to talking about hiding assets as an option, they will surely advise you against it. Instead, they will offer you other options so that you can get the most out of the divorce. It may seem as if the division of assets as well as liabilities during the divorce is something that is done so that both parties get equal shares; it isn’t always the case. Divorce lawyers know that many different strategies can be employed so that the court may grant what may seem to be an equal division of assets, but in truth is not.

One party during the divorce will leave the courtroom with more, some with more assets while others come out with the more financial responsibility to the family. Hiding assets before the divorce may be a welcoming option, but divorce lawyers will not want you to take it. After all, if they are good at what they do, they will be able to help you through the divorce without obtaining any legal sanctions.