Modifying Child Support Obligations: How A Family Law Firm Can Help

For any divorce, child support and custody is a murky issue. It takes a great deal of maturity, grace, and patience for both parents to deal with the problems regarding child custody. Hence, it is always recommended to have a systematic child support agreement in place. You and the other parent can together devise the clauses for this written agreement. However, the child support agreement should always be in keeping with the rules and regulations under the Divorce Act.

Hence, it is advisable to take help from a family law firm Edmonton to find out which guidelines apply to your case. But, once the child support obligations are finalized, there could be a time when you or the other parent might want to modify them. This guide will give you a brief overview of what needs to be done if either of you wish to make changes to your child support obligations –

When Child Support Ends

Most custodial agreements have a stipulated term for child support. For example, an agreement may state that the child support will end when the child reaches a certain age or obtains a certain amount of education. But, there are many support orders which do not state when the child support ends. In such cases, the child support obligations in your agreement need to be modified. You and the other parent can come to a consensus on when the support needs to end. If there is no consensus among both parents, then you need to seek help from a family law firm Edmonton and ask the court to make a decision.

When the Child Support Amount has to be Changed

As we move through the journey of life, times change and so does circumstances. There could be chances that you are not doing well financially in present situation. But, the child support amount may have been finalized at a time when you could afford to pay the amount the court had decided. Considering the fact that your present situation is not as financially sound as earlier, you need to make it clear to the other parent and the court that you are presently not in a position to pay the required amount.

To ensure that the child support amount is fair, you might have to update your income-related information from time-to-time. According to the Federal Guidelines, the other parent, the order assignee or a provincial agency can ask you for updated income information once a year. So, if you wish to decrease your child support amount as a payor, then you can apply for a change in the court order. Your family law firm Edmonton will help you in this process.

If you wish to modify your child support agreement, then reach out to our legal experts at Prowse Chowne today.