Online Divorce: What’s The Fine Point?

These days, whenever couples seem not to find a resolution to the arguments that they have, the simple solution that they think of is to file for divorce. Who wouldn’t especially when there are some reliable divorce lawyers in Canada? And yet, there are still couples who think that they can go through the divorce process on their own. They resolve to go for the online divorce as the most viable option to end the suffering that is their marriage.

If online divorce is so easy, then what’s the catch? What’s the fine point between filing for divorce with the help of a lawyer and filing for it on your own? Is divorce something that you can do on your own?

Filing for divorce online has become a popular option over the last couple of years because of the advent of the internet and other social networking sites. It has given people the power to do things online and become their ideal self through their social media profiles. At some point, this authority in the use of the internet to manipulate what other people think about you has pushed a lot of couples to think that filing for divorce online is the best option there is.

Perhaps for some this type of separation could work. But expert lawyers in handling divorce cases would like people to take a step back before they decide to go online with their divorce. The process of divorce is itself painful. It will require you to look back at all the good memories that you had with your spouse. It will ask you to talk about what made you fall in love and at what point in the marriage did you fall out of love. It will make you think about the promises you made to each other and however so easily did you and your spouse forget about the promises and hurt each other.

Divorce lawyers provide their clients with more than just legal advice. It is not about making a poor choice of which house to keep and which assets to give up to the spouse’s content. Rather, divorce lawyers provide their clients with perspective as to how to look at the marriage that’s slowly falling apart. More importantly, divorce lawyers give their clients something that they never thought they need – a shoulder to lean on to.

Lawyers come with an open heart and mind to listen to their clients, which is something that an online divorce filing could not possibly provide. The process of online divorce may be as easy as reading the ABC, but it lacks what most people who are filing for divorce need – perspective. So before you consider online divorce, think about what you’ll be missing on when you do.