Contract Law


Contract Law

Prowse Chowne LLP focuses on providing services to our clients to help them enter into a viable contract, thus saving them from any legal implications.

Some of the services we provide are as follows:

Service Agreements

These are the basic contract agreements wherein a promise is made by a seller to the buyer to provide a type of service for a proper amount of remuneration. We consult our clients on these matters and also provide drafting and review services.

Employment Agreements

When new employees are hired into offices, they are made to sign contracts containing the terms of employment or the bond by which the employee / the employer has to function. We help draft these contracts. We also help in disputes arising due to the lack of a written contract between businesses and employees.

Consulting Agreements

They specify the terms of agreement between a company and a consultant. They should specify the services provided by the consultant. If the consultant develops any invention or a concept, the contract should specify which party owns the product.

Non-disclosure / Confidentiality Agreements

It is essential for the parties to ensure that the contract being entered into is legal in nature. An illegal contract is void immediately and cannot be exercised in the court of law. Thus, we recommend legal counsel to be taken while signing a contract. At Prowse Chowne LLP, we not only provide legal, advisory and drafting services but also provide along with contract enforcement services for our clients, to help them get their rightful share.


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