Information Technology


Information Technology

Information technology related disputes require attorneys to stay current and up to date with both the latest technological developments and the constant flow of cases dealing with them. Most of these disputes often involve the performance of hardware and software, internet, proprietary rights and / or domain names. Additionally, with the advent of e-commerce and the lightening pace of information collection and transfer, new issues affecting businesses emerge daily. From internet regulation to privacy and protection, new laws are continually evolving.

Our IT-related Practices and Interpretations

Our practices are focused on the business of our clients as we are experienced in helping our clients deal effectively and efficiently with traditional and emerging technology related legal issues. These issues involve all aspects of digital business enterprise, including computer and software technology, market data, outsourcing arrangements, electronic publishing, various mobile apps, social media and digital entertainment.

Constantly Changing Technology

The market has become evermore global due to which the competition among technological companies has been increasing. The quest of marketers for tactical advantage, that of legal actions for equitable solutions, and the ever-present importance of the principle of economy in judicial proceedings all cry out for resolution. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge and experience to help our clients deal with the ever-changing and challenging technological sector.

We at Prowse Chowne LLP can ably assist our clients working in the information technology industry, including application service providers, software developers, distributors and technical support providers with this specialised knowledge. We also have a deep understanding of how law affected by technology is vital to business in general and clients in particular.


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