What To Tell Your Child’s School About Your Divorce?

Divorcing parents have their hands full with obvious issues like child support and settlement. However, parent’s often overlooked the importance of talking to their children’s school and keep them updated of the divorce. Some couples may dismiss the idea of talking to the school altogether because they think that going through the divorce is just too personal to discuss with strangers. However, telling the school about the divorce allows them to provide your kids with extra care and perhaps a bit more understanding.

Covering the basics

Any issue on child custody should include the possible changes in the transfer of the child from one school to another. The discussion about the physical custody of the child usually takes a while because it pretty much determines how the child will survive on a day-to-day basis. And then there is the issue of legal custody where parents need to decide on who makes the decision concerning the child’s school, religion and severe medical decisions.

During the discussion of the specifics of child custody, it is critical to come with your lawyer. Talk to your lawyer about what you want to happen concerning your children to ensure that he would be able to speak on your behalf during the negotiations.

Is relocation an option?

What if the other parent lives outside of the area where the family home is, should relocation be an option? During the court proceedings, the judge will ask both parties of their demands for child support. The couple has to come to an agreement on what they want for the children, specifically where they want to children to live and who they will live with. Is relocation an option? Yes, it could be.

The result of such negotiation will dictate what information you need to provide your child’s school. If the child custody is granted to the parent who lives outside of the area, then relocation should be an option, and so is the transfer from one school to another. The school authorities should be informed of this possibility so that they could assist your child in the transition and you for the legal papers.

Which information should you tell the school?

There is no need for you to discuss with the school why you and your spouse filed for divorce. What is important is that you tell them if the result of the divorce will require your child to transfer to another school. More importantly, you need to inform them about the divorce itself because the school can help your kids deal with the changes happening in the family.