When Is Divorce The Right Choice For You?

Opting for a divorce or a separation is never an easy decision to make. This holds especially true if you were highly invested in your marriage or relationship. The more time you spend in your marriage, the harder it gets to leave the other person. Sometimes people get tired of their marriages and turn cold towards their partners. Despite feeling the need to quit their marriage, they refuse to do so as it is not an easy decision to make and requires a great of deal of courage. This happens because psychologically we as human beings are not attuned to accepting change readily. We are always comfortable staying in a familiar territory even if it is painful for us because breaking into a new realm calls for uncertainty. If you have been unsure about your marriage then here are a few signs you are ready for divorce:

1) Separation

If you and your spouse have been so distant with each other that you no longer talk to one another or even live together, then this a major sign you are ready for divorce. If the period of separation is well beyond a year, then there is a very low possibility that you will be able to do anything to build your relationship again. This might be a difficult choice but in a situation like this, you should consider filing for a divorce.

2) Cruelty

If your spouse has been cruel to you, then you have no reason to continue your marriage, especially from a legal point of view. Spouses who resort to physical and emotional abuse can be a constant danger to you and your children. They not only ruin their own well-being but also cause distress to the people they live with. For those on the receiving end, it is mentally distressing to survive someone who is cruel to them. So if you have been facing any form of cruelty, then it is time to consider filing for a divorce.

3) Adultery

As per the Canadian law, if your spouse cheats on you with another person, either physically or emotionally, then adultery is committed and you have the complete right to file for a divorce. Again, this is not an easy decision if you have children together or if you are extremely emotionally bound to your spouse. In many cases of adultery, people end up giving their spouse a second chance to work things out. So, it is entirely up to the wronged party to decide whether to obtain a divorce or not. Only you can decide what is acceptable and unacceptable for you.

Legally, you can seek a divorce from your spouse on the above three grounds – separation, cruelty and adultery. Once you make up your mind, you can consult a divorce lawyer at Prowse Chowne. Our team of experts can assist you through the complex process of getting a divorce and make the procedure easier for you and your family.