Why Has Divorce Become So Common?

You guessed it wrong! Cheating is not even on this list. Indeed, this is a surprise. Sexual infidelity has always been the most common reason couples file for a divorce. Times have changed, and so do the top reasons why couples decide to split. Before your divorce lawyer asks you for the basics, here are some culprits in putting an end to a couple’s love story.

• You got married for all the wrong reasons.

Getting married because you think it’s the best thing to do at that time will only end up in a divorce. Marrying for money, they say, is on top of the list of why people choose to get married. Marriages as such usually end up in a divorce even before the couple celebrates their first anniversary together. Problems in the relationship that were not discussed and settled before the marriage will still be there. They are just waiting for the time they could creep into the relationship and slowly destroy it.

• You lost your individuality when you got married.

Being dependent on your partner in defining who you are or what’s your worth is never healthy. When you don’t know how you can express yourself and be who you are outside of the relationship, you realize that being with your partner makes nothing out of you. And then it hits you that you no longer want to do things with your spouse. You work on improving yourself and in the process, you realize that your partner is not the one you want to be with.

• Parental duties have consumed the best of you.

Just as life sets in, many couples get overwhelmed by all the work and responsibilities that come with having kids and raising a family. Couples forget about their responsibilities to their partner. They become too tired that they look forward to the end of the day because then, it would be time to sleep. Sadly, many husbands feel like they have grown apart, and they start to get into extramarital affairs that are usually cited as the reason for the divorce filed by their wives.

• There’s no more sexual tension.

Sometime in the years that you’ve been together, the sexual tension changes. When it comes to keeping the intimacy between couples, there’s a particular kind of effort that needs to exert. Whenever a man feels romantic, they need receptivity from their partner to be able to achieve utmost sexual satisfaction. But when they do not get it, then begin to feel unappreciated and unloved, and that usually lead men to find it somewhere else.

Every couple comes to a disagreement, and when they decide to file for a divorce, they should find themselves talking with the right lawyer. Not only to get themselves out of the marriage but to allow themselves to find real comfort and settlement without losing too much.