How to Check your Business’s Environmental Compliance

With issues like global warming, climate change and environmental degradation gaining more and more momentum, it’s becoming imperative for businesses to re-evaluate their environmental compliance strategy. A study conducted by Nano Research concluded that almost 66% Canadians support Federal control over environmental protection policies. Another Global Survey by Tandberg found that 53% of the global consumers prefer to purchase products from an environmentally ethical organisation.

Hence, it’s more important than ever for businesses to maintain a reliant environmental compliance checklist. This not only enhances your business’s reputation but also benefits your revenue in the long term. Your business counsel can help you evaluate and develop a strategy for the same.

But here are a few key pointers to include in your environmental compliance checklist:

Environmental Laws

The best way to evaluate your business’s ecological compliance is to make sure it is in deference with the environmental laws of the country as well as the state. The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA) is the legislation responsible for regulating environmental degradation and formulating policies that aid in its protection. The various acts and guidelines that affect the management and operations of your business can be appraised at the Canada Business Network’s website. An experienced environmental lawyer can help you understand these regulations in accordance with your business and evaluate its compliance with the environmental laws of the region.

Waste Management Stewardship

CEPA Environmental Registry provides an inventory of various industry partnership and stewardship programs that your business can be a part of. These stewardship programs include plans for electronic recycling, packaging and printed materials etc. and work towards reducing the harmful impact of industrial developments on nature. They help you network with businesses that have similar eco-friendly operations and also increase your credibility among customers.

Evaluate New Substances

New materials especially chemicals, polymers and animate products of biotechnology need approval and registry under the process of Evaluating New Substances to ensure their environmental conformity. Your corporate lawyer can help you with the process of verification and approval to safeguard your business’s compliance.

Compliance Assurance Program

The state of Alberta offers a complete Compliance Assurance Program that can help you evaluate the ecological deference of your specific business with the laws of the region. It is advisable to assess these rules and regulations with your corporate counsel to ensure their correct execution.

Environmental Compliance Strategy

Your environmental compliance checklist cannot be complete without a thorough and effectual strategy. A good environmental plan makes sure all your business operations are in deference to the laws of the state. It also covers the future actions of your company and helps in instilling small ways that make your business more eco-friendly. Simple actions like using Energy Star appliances and conducting an Energy Audit go a long way towards the same.

An experienced business lawyer can help you evaluate your environmental compliance and also help you develop an effective strategy for the future. Consult our legal experts today to guide you through the process.