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Administrative & Regulatory Law

In Alberta many of the decisions that affect our clients are made by administrative or regulatory tribunals.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Edmonton Alternative Dispute Resolution (or ADR) is the term used to describe a number of techniques used to settle disputes outside or in tandem with the Court

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Builder’s Liens

The law group at Prowse Chowne LLP has guided clients through the legal process of Builders’ Liens.

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Business Litigation

Whether defending claims or enforcing our clients’ rights, Prowse Chowne LLP has the expertise and skill to help our business…

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Charities and Not-for-Profit Organizations

We understand the need, challenges and importance of charities and not-for-profit organizations.

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Commercial Finance

Banks, other public lending institutions and private firms rely on our services to help them manage a wide range…

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Commercial Real Estate

Prowse Chowne LLP provides expert advice to lending institutions, pension funds, life and home insurance companies,

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Commercial Transactions

At Prowse Chowne LLP, our commercial transactions team collectively boasts of many years of experience…

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Construction Law

We at Prowse Chowne LLP offer a variety of services for the security of our clients in this cutthroat competitive world.

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Prowse Chowne LLP’s corporate services include activities that combine or consolidate certain business-related support services,

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Employment Law

Prowse Chowne LLP offers our clients representation in all aspects of employment law.

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Environmental Law

Prowse Chowne LLP has a long history of assisting individuals and groups, including First Nations,

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Expropriation and Surface Rights

Sometimes, governments and utility companies can affect landowners’ rights by forcibly taking privately owned land.

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General Litigation

Our litigation team is experienced, knowledgeable and focused. We advocate on behalf of clients…

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Insurance Law

Laws surrounding insurance, including insurance policies and claims, are referred to as insurance law.

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Intellectual Property Commercialization

We at Prowse Chowne LLP know and understand what intellectual property means and how important it is to keep it safe.

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Intellectual Property Litigation

n Canada Intellectual Property encompasses Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Industrial Designs.

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Prowse Chowne LLP’s lawyers are well versed with the intricacies of the partnership acts and also fully aware…

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A patent gives an inventor a 20-year monopoly, during which time other parties can be prevented from trespassing…

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Personal Injury

Navigating the legal process after you have been involved in an accident can be stressful and confusing.

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Residential Real Estate

A home is an irreplaceable and a significant part of our lives and typically is one of the biggest investments you will make.

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Shareholder Dispute Litigation

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The lawyers at Prowse Chowne LLP have expertise in the field of trademarks and related activities.

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Wills, Estate Planning, Probate and Estate Administration

A carefully prepared Will is the first step to sound estate planning. We provide experienced thoughtful advice…

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Why Prowse Chowne?

Prowse Chowne LLP has built and sustained a reputation for excellence and leadership in the law since 1959. Respected in all levels of court, tribunals and commercial institutions.


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