Construction Law

We at Prowse Chowne LLP offer a variety of services for the security of our clients in this cutthroat competitive world. These are taken care of by professionals having vast knowledge and relevant experience in these matters.

Claims, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

We provide practical, personal and legal counsel in matters of construction claims and dispute resolution. Trial, arbitration, mediation and negotiation services are provided by our professionals who are well versed in the field of construction law.

Builders’ Liens

Lien registrations, enforcement and removals are handled by us. We assist builders, contractors and suppliers using lien mechanisms to help recover money. Also using these lien mechanisms, we help them keep projects on track.

Commercial Transactions

Commercial transactions are carried out by us for our clients. This is done by adept professionals so that our clients can relax.


Parties entering into a joint venture or a partnership for the construction of a structure will enter into a contract. We have a set of skilled professionals who are experts in drafting, negotiating and reviewing contractual documents.


We provide tax planning services for clients using various means like joint ventures, partnerships, corporations, etc. We also provide tax litigation services with our team of skilled lawyers.


Contracts with labourers and counsel to manage disputes with labour or unions are some of the other services we provide.

Occupational Health and Safety

Construction is considered a high-risk industry. There can be incidents and accidents that can be catastrophic for a company. We provide companies with legal advice regarding the rules and regulations of the working conditions and to prevent any hazardous repercussions.

Insurance and Risk Management

We advise companies on the various risks their company is exposed to and how they can be prevented from causing any type of harm. Advice is given on various insurance and risk prevention policies to be looked into.

At Prowse Chowne LLP, we focus on the client’s needs and are committed to giving them perfect advice on how to proceed at different stages of construction. We try to provide a cost-effective solution for the client’s benefit.

Our Professionals