Commercial Transactions

At Prowse Chowne LLP, our commercial transactions team collectively boasts of many years of experience with all forms of business configurations including proprietorships, partnerships, closely-held corporations, public corporations, not-for-profit organizations and joint ventures. Our extensive experience in dealing with all types of businesses makes us qualified to meet the unique needs of each business client in all types of commercial transactions including:

Purchase and Sale Agreements

These are the agreements that the buyers and sellers enter into while conducting a transaction. Even though it is not complicated, it is an integral part of a deal and should be exercised very carefully and with the advice of legal counsel to remove any doubts.

Shareholders Buyouts

If an event occurs which results in the change of stock ownership, it is possible that the management also gets affected. To prevent the entry of an unwanted entity into the corporation, the shareholders prepare a buyout agreement to prepare for such contingencies.

Financing Arrangements

This includes services for strategic planning of funds investments and insurance schemes.

Joint Venture Agreements

The joint venture agreement establishes the venture between two or more companies. It gives information about the business purpose, structure and operational rules of the joint venture. All the terms and conditions of the joint venture are specified in this agreement.


Assistance is provided by Prowse Chowne LLP when the client wants to enter into a leasing agreement with a tenant or a landlord. Our team is well versed in the intricacies of the Residential Tenancy Agreement.


We also provide legal advice and services for debenture agreements for medium to long-term investments.


At Prowse Chowne LLP, we provide legal advice as per the Securities Act, RSA 2000Securities Act of 2000. In case of any disputes or legal matters as well, our professionals are well equipped to provide legal counsel.

Personal Property Security Act Issues

The Personal Property Security Act, RSA 2000Personal Property Security Act of 2000 says that if you are holding goods as collateral, you must immediately transfer the ownership to yourself to protect your interest. Our lawyers are adept at protecting your legal interests and advising you likewise.

Other Types of Commercial Contracts

Apart from all the aforementioned services, Prowse Chowne LLP also provides legal counsel in all other types of commercial contracts.


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