Commercial Finance

Banks, other public lending institutions and private firms rely on our services to help them manage a wide range of secured commercial lending and financing transactions. Our lawyers understand that commercial finance is at the heart of industry and commerce.

The timely provision of financing is a necessary component of almost every commercial transaction. Our knowledge and experience enable commercial account managers to provide the necessary funding for land development, construction, manufacturing, retail and other business sectors. Our knowledge and experience are also available to businesses that borrow money to augment their daily operations or promote their expansion requirements.

We are always able and keen to provide advice and suggestions to clients as to how to structure their security in order to minimize risk and maximize profit.

Professional Service

Our lawyers help clients to create the best possible financial and security structures to ensure the completion of their business transactions. In addition to providing advice, we can also prepare, complete and register all forms of required security documents. We have a strong and collegial reputation with the commercial bar in Edmonton and elsewhere in Alberta. As such, our reputation enables us to deal on an efficient and timely basis with other lawyers and professionals involved in commercial transactions.

Professional Advice

Our commercial finance lawyers possess strong analytical skills and attention to detail. Our experience in the commercial world allows us to demonstrate a thorough understanding of our client’s businesses. Our lawyers have the ability to communicate effectively with our clients, their business partners and their other advisors working together as a team.

Our Professionals