Intellectual Property Commercialization

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Intellectual Property Commercialization

We at Prowse Chowne LLP know and understand what intellectual property means and how important it is to keep it safe. We protect and enforce your intangible assets and help you maximise their value. Our valued lawyers provide comprehensive intellectual property advice to our clients across all sectors.

We also provide defensive and offensive litigation in all areas of intellectual property, including copyrights, patents, plant breeders’ rights, industrial designs, internet domain names, trademarks, decision risk analyses, counterfeit enforcements, impeachments, validity and impingement opinions and various internet issues.

IP Commercialisation and Monetisation

In order to commercialise and monetise intellectual property, startups need to develop an intellectual property strategy. Our fundamental consideration of any Intellectual Property strategy is to always balance any short-term gain against potential long-term pain with regard to the company’s business goals.

In order to secure a royalty stream, a common strategy for commercialisation and monetisation is to sign an exclusive licensing agreement to the company’s core patents. At the same time, a licensee who does not prioritise promoting and exploiting the licensed IP could become a liability, which is what startups need to realise.

Protect Intellectual Property

Our lawyers have detailed knowledge and understanding of intellectual property commercialisation. They protect our clients’ ownership rights, control and manage technology transfer (Intellectual Property) by means of license, assignment or other contractual arrangement to increase competitive advantage, add a new source of revenue, maximise return on investment and foster industrial growth.

Our lawyers understand what other technologies complement our clients’ offerings, and look to assist in our clients forming partnerships in order to create higher value solutions. We also ensure that their resources are directed towards the core IP that supports the business goals. We also know that the IP strategy should be tailored to support our clients’ goals by maximising the legal protections available and minimising risk and liability. There have been cases of licensing agreements which resulted in very poor results for a client startup. Therefore, our attorneys are aware that if a client signs an exclusive license with a partner who doesn’t expend proper effort in marketing or developing the technology, such cases could occur.


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