The lawyers at Prowse Chowne LLP have expertise in the field of trademarks and related activities. We frequently provide our own insights and importance in such matters. We will ably assist you to acquire, commercialize and safeguard your brands and innovations.

Legal advice is imparted in the following topics related to trademark:

Selection of a Trademark

Choosing a name for a product or company can be a challenge, but the greater challenge is choosing a name that doubles as a strong trademark. In general, coined terms are generally considered to be stronger trademarks than those made up of letters, numbers or dictionary words. Actual words with a known meaning that have no association or relationship with the goods and services can also be considered strong marks (e.g. Apple Computers). Our lawyers will keep in mind your brand, the image to be created and customer perception while choosing a trademark.

Registration of a Trademark

There are 6 steps associated with the registration of a trademark, which our professionals are well-versed with. They are: searching for a trademark, preparing the trademark application, prosecution of the trademark application, advertisement of the trademark in an issue of the Trademarks Journal, opposition proceedings (if applicable) and registration.

Commercialization and Protection of Rights related to Trademark Brands

Commercialization of a trademark is to understand and review all the factors associated with a brand. These factors include:

Technical factors: There should be an understanding of the technology, consideration of the technical facilities and capabilities, awareness of technical challenges and constraints for solving a plan, available and accessible technical and engineering skills, and assessment of design changes necessary to achieve commercialization.

Business factors: Goals of the project should agree with the overall mission and goals of your business, demonstration of the strength of the company in the field of technology relating to the product, clear identification of existing and potential customers, characterization of the market, including size and estimate of penetration, competitive advantage and position, demonstrated development, manufacturing and marketing capabilities, and financial interest of the business in commercialization.

Management Factors: There should be leadership and commitment of management, well-defined project management schedule and resources, reasonableness of proposed effort, including time and resource estimates, strengths and capabilities of the management team including past estimates, records of successful and unsuccessful technology developments, leading to commercial products.

Economic Impact: Financial benefits, number and quality of jobs expected to be created, impact on consumers and taxpayer benefits, time taken to create commercialization impact, expectations for export potential of the product and the financial impact on the local community should be considered.

The trademark related services provided by our lawyers are in tune with the recent changes in Canadian trademark. We have a strong team of professionals providing trademark litigation support and services.

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