How To Manage Your Employees On Their First Day

Most employees who arrive for the first day at work are very eager to see what’s in store for them at the company. At the same time, there are also uncertainties related to certain aspects that they might face on that particular day. In such cases, it is up to the employer to make the employees’ day pass in a smooth manner. Without having a proper plan in place, the first day can be a bit rocky for the new hire. It is important to remember that most employees who quit, do so within the first ten days of starting their job.

Plan in advance

In order to start the day in a smooth manner, plan in advance as to whom the employee will meet on that day and what she will do. Make sure that everyone in office knows who exactly the new employee is and what contributions she will be making to the company. Also, make sure that you are there to greet the new employee and reiterate how important and valuable she will be to the organisation.

Show them where they will be working

Make sure that you show the new employee her workplace, where she can find certain things related to the work and where she can store her own things safely. Introduce the new employee to the co-workers with whom she will be working with. Make sure that the new employee is familiar with the common areas of the office, along with the rest room and supply room. In case you are not going to be available to take the employee through her day, then make sure that you arrange a co-worker or an HR personnel who will be performing the necessary introductions and answering the new hire’s questions.

Some other tasks

  • Make sure that the new employee fills out important employment and tax forms.
  • Provide the new employee with a packet that will give provide her with information related to the job description, employee handbook, performance expectations, schedules and how to deal with the equipment that she will be handling as part of her job. Provide her with documents that will explain each item.
  • Have someone give the new recruit some company for lunch and give her a tour of the cafeteria.
  • Make sure that the new employee has her expectations for the first week outlined. Make sure that the employee is aware of any training programs that might be held for her or if the company is having any orientation program in place for her. Also, make sure that the new employee gets to review the organisation’s past work and has the time to talk to her co-workers regarding projects that she will be working on.

The first day of a new employee is a great time to help establish is long lasting and cordial working relationship. Ensure that all her questions are answered and get the employee familiar with the basic premise of the team or projects she will be working on. If you are in the process of hiring a new employee and need help with some legalities related to new hires in Canada, then contact Prowse Chowne.