5 Reasons Why Women Initiate Divorce

With the evolution of traditional norms and values, the definition of marriage in Canada is changing as well. According to a report compiled by CBC news, 4 out 10 marriages in the country end in divorce. A significant section of these divorces is initiated by women. However, attributing these changes to the rise of intolerance or miscommunication is not a correct approach for summarizing this issue.

The reasons for the rise in divorces initiated by women can also be credited to the rise of reported cases of domestic and child abuse and contraction of wage-gap between men and women. Most women today opt for separation over the choice of continuing an abusive marriage. The proceedings for obtaining a divorce in Alberta have also simplified over the period of time. Here’s a closer look at key reasons why women initiate divorce:

1) Abuse

Progressing in an abusive relationship should not be obligatory for any partner and is sufficient grounds for obtaining a divorce. Statistics have frequently revealed that women are the most recurrent victims of domestic abuse. Be it physical, mental or psychological, it is crucial for women to be able to break this cycle of abuse and apply for divorce directly. Consulting experienced family law firms in Edmonton can help women get a divorce without delay and ensure the safety of their family.

2) Violation of Marital Duties

Violation of marital duties is a common reason for women to initiate divorce. The inability of the partner to fulfill their responsibilities towards their spouse and children can lead to frequent marital squabbles, discontentment and a lack of trust between the partners. Lack of accountability usually leads to separation which can then be an adequate reason for divorce.

3) Male Domination

The behaviour of the male partner towards his spouse is a common reason for instigating divorce. If the partner behaves in an abominable way which degrades the dignity or undermines the free will of the wife, divorce is a predictable outcome. Preventing the wife from pursuing a career or degrading her views on essential matters are common examples of male hegemony that lead to a divorce.

4) Infidelity

Adultery is a common reason for women to initiate divorce. If the partner recurrently violates sanctimony of the marriage vows preset by the spouses, the wife has a valid reason to apply for a divorce. Infidelity or cheating disturbs the harmony in a marriage and violates the trust of the partner and hence, is one of the most prevalent reasons for divorce.

5) Lack of communication

Presence of an emotional distance or the complete inability of the male partner to understand their spouse’s point of view is another common reason why women initiate divorce. A successful marriage is built upon the foundations of open communication and mutual understanding. Lack of this usually leads to separation and eventual divorce.

Opting for a divorce is not an easy choice for a spouse. Referring to reputable family law firms in Edmonton such as Prowse Chowne can help women proceed with the separation and negotiate a settlement amicably. Contact our legal experts to know more.