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5 Things to Include in your Company by-Laws

Company by-laws are documents which state the dos and don'ts of the organisation. They encapsulate the

The Legal Aspects of Adoption

If you want to to know more about the adoption process in Canada, then get

The Importance of Legal Research in Your Business

When starting with a new business, you will be presented with a wide variety of

The Importance of Insuring Your Commercial Facility

A great insurance plan will provide you with peace of mind. To discuss more about

The Importance Of A Dispute Resolution Clause In An Agreement

The dispute resolution clause in a contract lays out a mechanism for the resolution of

The Impact Of Canada’s New Cabinet To Business

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party of Canada won with a majority in the 338 Seat-Parliament. This

The Ill-Effects of Spamming Customers – Knowingly or Unknowingly

The government of Canada is doing all it can to reduce spamming and its ill-effects.

The Government Of Canada Supports Female Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs face unique challenges when starting their own business ventures. This is partly because

The Difference Between Arbitration And Mediation

The arbitrator can be a retired judge, senior lawyer or professional, as required by the


The Canadian Intellectual Property Office ("CIPO") and the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's

The BLA effect on Minerals, Oil & Gas

A builders' lien is required to strictly comply with the BLA. The BLA has specific

Technology Platform Licensing – What Is It?

If you are looking forward to protect your software from any kind of infringement, then

Taking Care Of An Employee Who Gets Injured At Work

As an employer, one of the first things you should do is seek immediate medical

Steps To Take After A Case Of Sexual Harassment

Here are some of the steps that you should consider taking after a case of

Sole or Joint Custody?

The parents have to sit down and talk about the schedule of when the children

Small Law Firm: What Are the Benefits of Hiring Them?

You plan for the file for divorce or need legal help to settle a business

What Are The Shareholder’s Remedies In A Private Corporation?

The lawyer, with his experience and insights, would better determine if a general legislation is

Selling Your Software? Here Are 6 Tips To Protect Your IP

Computer software can also be protected in Canada using contracts. A trademark consists of one

Security And Privacy Concerns Around The Internet Of Things

There is an urgent need to enact a general data security legislation, which will allow

Resolving Lease Disputes: What Tenants Need To Know

Lease disputes are exceedingly common between landlords and tenants across Canada. Every year there are

4 Reasons You Need A Lawyer To Write Your Will

Writing a Will is one such task that must not be attempted on your own.

Questions Being Asked on TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP has been an ongoing topic of debate. There are detractors

Qualities Every Good Lawyer Should Have

every client looking for an agent would want someone who is excellent. But how can

Protecting Your Brand Slogans From Misuse

The legislation, applicants will have to furnish the Trademarks Office with evidence to establish the

Property Rebates Applicable To First-Time Home Buyers in Canada

As a first-time homebuyer, you are entitled to a rebate of land transfer tax. However,

Precautions To Take With Employee Data

It is important that you have a privacy policy in place that details the type

Payroll Must Do’s For The CRA

An important part of payroll compliance is understanding the appropriate deduction along with the remittances,

Payment Options: Should I Ask The Lawyer About It?

To be honest about how much you can afford to pay. You'd be surprised at

Patent Ideas That Changed The World

If you are some one who wants to patent something that you have been working

Part II – A complete Guide To The Employment Law In Edmonton

To ensure complete compliance of your service contract with these standards, consult our expert lawyer