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How to Register for a Copyright

Copyright registration can be a taxing process for creators. Consult an experienced law firm to

How The Madrid Protocol Benefits Canadians Applying for a Trademark: Part 2

Canada's decision to partner with the Madrid Protocol has created an accessible and efficient method

How The Madrid Protocol Benefits Canadians Applying for a Trademark: Part 1

The Madrid Protocol has been an international system for trademark protection for people in many

How Long Does it Take to Get a Trademark Registration?

The amount of time required to obtain a Trademark registration varies dependent upon many factors.

Examples of What Can Be Considered a Trademark

A trademark is an identifier, such as a name, letter, symbol, or work, that a

Do I Need A Lawyer To Register My Trademark?

Trademarks that have numbers, symbols, letters or dictionary words seem to be less efficacious in

Differences Between A Trademark And A Trade Name

Trademarks, on the other hand, are used by customers to identify services or products and

Why Should you Consult an IP Lawyer before Registering for a Trademark

An experienced trademark agent can help you choose a name that can successfully register as

CIPO’s Latest Trademark Registration Changes

CIPO released a notice regarding Extensions of time in Examination and to respond to a

Choosing a Trademark

Choosing a name for a product or company can be a challenge, but the greater

Changes to Canadian Trademark Laws

These were some of the amendments made to the Trademarks Act of Canada. If you

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The price of filing a trademark application is set to increase in the coming year.

Canada’s Keystone Pipeline Fights The Legislative Battle

Get the legal advice from Edmonton's lawyer. Ask a legal question to Canada's keystone pipeline

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If you want to trademark your slogan, you should consult with a trademark agent. An

Can You Protect Fluid Marks?

As per the principle of the Canadian trademark law, the best manner in which a

Beware of Trademark Scams

When a trademark application is filed, it is subsequently published online with information related to

Are You A Victim Of A Patent Or Trademark Scam?

The trademark law has been very influential for Canada, as it has helped many businesses