Examples of What Can Be Considered a Trademark

A trademark is an identifier, such as a name, letter, symbol, or work, that a company or individual uses to identify their goods and services from others. There are many different types of trademarks and in this blog we are going to explore some examples.

A Name Is an Example of a Trademark

Louis Vuitton is an example of a name that is a trademark. Louis Vuitton built his company off of his name. He made a reputation for having quality products. His name is also his brand, and because he used it to distinguish his products from those of others, it is considered a trademark.

Symbols Have Long Been Considered Trademarks

The Nike swoosh is an example of a trademarked symbol. When you see the swoosh, you know it is Nike. The name does not need to be shown anywhere on the product for it to be identifiable as a Nike product. This symbol sets Nike apart from any other company.

Mascots Can Be Considered a Trademark

The gecko appears in many commercials and advertisements for Geico. The gecko has become a symbol for Geico and is recognized by hundreds of thousands of people as the as representing Geico.

Registering your trademark in Canada is a great way to protect your corporate image. It can be used to stop people from using your brand or a similar and confusing brand. They are protected by trademark law. A trademark in Canada is valid for 10 years from the date it is registered or renewed. To learn more about the trademark process, laws and process, consider consulting with a Registered Trademark Agent.