What Does A Claim For Personal Injury Mean?

Have you recently been in an accident that is not your fault? Have you been injured by the mistakes of someone else? Has this impacted your ability to earn your livelihood? Are you worried about how long and expensive your recovery period is going to be? If you are thinking of making a personal injury claim but aren’t sure where to begin, then read on.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim is a way to recover compensation for an injury. If someone causes you to be injured, you may be able to seek compensation in two ways:

Filing a claim with their insurance company and negotiating a settlement, or

Filing a lawsuit against the person who caused your injury.

When you file a claim through the insurance company to negotiate a settlement, the party responsible for the accident is not involved in the negotiation process and is represented by the insurance company. In a personal injury lawsuit, the at-fault party gets sued in a court of law. A personal injury claim need not always end up in a lawsuit. Some claims can be resolved through negotiation before involving the courts.  The decision about which steps to take and whether or not to involve a court process depends on the nature of the injury and your losses, your goals and comfort level, and an honest conversation about the costs and timelines involved. A legal consultation before making a claim can help you arrive at the best decision.

What Can You Seek Payment for If You Are Injured?

Being injured by another party can cause various problems. You can seek payment for, among other things:

Pain and suffering caused by the injury. This can be caused by medical malpractice, slips and falls, car accidents, or other kinds of accidents or harm.

Loss of income due to the long recovery period or injuries sustained during the accident. It includes earning capacity, future loss of income, and out-of-pocket expenses.

Medical care that isn’t covered by the healthcare system, including the cost of future medical care and treatment.

Legal costs incurred during the process.

The issues that will be critical in evaluating a potential claim will include:  Who is liable for the losses or damages? Was the injury caused entirely by a person directly or were there other factors which contributed? How severe are the injuries?


Getting in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer can save time and avoid confusion in this challenging process. With experienced counsel on your side, you can expect guidance and support through all the stages of your injury claim, including gathering evidence, assessing your injuries, arranging for assistance from medical experts, working out your compensation amount, and seeking a settlement or an award in court. Hiring a lawyer for a claim or a lawsuit ensures you have the time to focus on healing and recovering.

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