Daycare Regulations To Keep In Mind

In the past few years, the number of households with dual incomes have increased. This has also led to a steady rise in the need for childcare services, as both parents go to work and have no time to look after their child. As per Statistics Canada, in 2011, almost half (46%) of parents reported using some type of child care for their children aged 14 years and younger in the past year. In most cases, it was children aged 4 and under who required daycare facilities. This surge in the need for childcare services has led to many people looking at it as a lucrative business opportunity. And why not? The investment involved is not exceptionally high. Starting a daycare would only require you to invest, budget, and adhere to daycare regulations. You would have to take legal help to get a fair understanding of the governing laws in this field.

Permits and Licenses

To do business in Canada, you will have to adhere to certain regulations. Getting a license is an essential step in the process. As per the Childcare Licensing Act, you need a license to operate a daycare facility in Canada. The licensing regulation differs from province to province. These licenses vary depending on the age of the children you intend to care for.

There are basically licensed as well as unlicensed daycare centres in Canada. Unlicensed daycare centres have little or no regulation whereas the licensed ones are heavily regulated.

Regulations for Childcare

Regulations in the field of childcare differ from province to province. But they generally impose a limit on the number of kids you can handle. Other regulations are in the areas of safety, hygiene, activities, and caregiver credentials. Mostly, provincial standards often call for kids of similar age groups and for activities geared towards their education and development. There are also regulations in the area of food. As a licensed daycare, you are supposed to provide meal plans to parents and must also be mindful of the nutritional requirements of the children.

Still confused about the regulations you have to adhere for daycare facilities in your province? With proper legal help, you will be able to effectively gauge the regulations you have to adhere to for your daycare facility. Consult with our lawyers at the earliest to get started with your daycare center.