Division In Divorce: Is Getting Half Enough?

Everyone who has gone through the divorce process will tell you it was a difficult one for them and the children. Although divorce is seen as the ultimate escape to an unhappy marriage, no couple who went through the divorce without feeling devastated. The goal, in the beginning, is to get out of a marriage that has become dysfunctional. The spouses, then, seeks legal advice to get the process over and done with.

And yet having the right divorce lawyer on your side does not only mean getting yourself out of the marriage. It could mean getting a stable future for yourself and financial freedom for your children. With expert help and proper planning, you can divide the assets and liabilities appropriately and perhaps even avoid financial difficulties in the future. Arriving at an amicable settlement with your spouse can be quite harsh. Sadly, what is usually missing in a divorce case is the financial expertise to look beyond what is here today.

Divorce is all about settling to be apart. It means choosing to live apart after years of living together; thus, it means the division of anything and everything that has been shared for years. Although it may seem as if a 50-50 division of everything that the couple owns is equitable, the division during the divorce is not always fair.

Did you know that there are taxes and other financial implications that may affect some assets and even liabilities that the couple has accumulated over the years? This is one of the aspects of the divorce law that not everyone knows or understands. In deciding which half of the divorce you should get, you need to consider every financial aspect of the division and the implications it may bring about to your finances in the long run.

Although it may appear that each of the parties is getting half of everything, several issues need to be discussed and thought out properly before you end up with less than half of what you deserve. Moreover, the income that you may earn after the divorce should also be considered. Women who have been housewives for a long time might find it a struggle to go back to the workforce. Getting a job might be difficult considering the skills set that they may have.

Divorce lawyers will also remind you to look into the growth of these assets in the next few years or so. The value of the property by then should never be overlooked. Both short term and long term forecasts of the value of the properties should be considered when deciding which half of the divorce you should get the settlement.

Secure the future of your children by learning more about the financial options that you may have. Talk to a reliable divorce lawyer in Edmonton today and discuss possible settlements you should get into. You only get one shot at the division. It is best that you work out getting the “better” half.