Does IP Matter To Your Business?

The legal rights to different ideas and inventions in the field of scientific, literary or artistic field are known as Intellectual Property. Intellectual property can also go on to cover symbols, names, images, designs, and models which might be used in the business. You may not realize it, but intellectual property is very important for any business because IP is an asset and it should be protected.

It is Unique

Your intellectual property helps you stand out from your competitors. A strategic use of your intellectual property will help you not only increase your competitiveness, but will also allow you to reap numerous benefits. For any company to reap the benefits of IP, they have to understand what their IP assets are, and make sure that they are protected against infringement.

It brings benefits

  • Intellectual property can help you establish ownership and right to your actual creation.
  • Intellectual property will allow you to prevent your competitors from stealing or copying the product or service that you are offering.
  • Having an intellectual property in place will help you have a distinct identity for your business.
  • Customer loyalty is built through unique perception of any brand, and this perception can only be acquired if there is a unique brand image, which can be built by having a strong IP portfolio.

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office

The administration of IP system in Canada is done by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office(CIPO). CIPO works to promote innovation, invention and

CIPO encourages invention, innovation and creativity in Canada. CIPO promotes the use of the IP system, and is also responsible for promoting the international interests of Canada. All general enquiries are handled by CIPO’s Client Service Centre (CSC). CSC is also responsible for handling requests by clients for printed publications. The CSC provides the following services:

  • Provides valuable information related to various aspects of Intellectual Property.
  • Provides with comprehensive information related to the filing requirements.
  • Get you a consultation with an information officer.
  • Provide with access to IP databases and will also provide searching guidance.
  • Access to search tools which includes carious classification manuals, index manuals domestic and foreign documents and reference documents.
  • Allow you to access certified copies and photocopy service.

The IP system of Canada is in place to protect the interests of budding entrepreneurs as well as established businesses. If you want more detailed information about the IP system or if you want to understand what you can or can not register as IP, then head over to Prowse Chowne.