Here’s What All Potential Inventors Must Know

As an inventor, you are likely to have extensive knowledge regarding the subject matter of your invention and the science behind it. Some inventors overlook the fact that an invention is a potential intellectual property that can be protected with a patent to obtain exclusive rights to make, use and sell your invention. With patent protection, you have the ability to prevent other parties from unfairly making use of your invention for a period of twenty years. In this period, you are free to launch a venture of your own with your invention as the driving force, or you may choose to sell or license your invention to a third party.

The Types of Patents

It’s useful to know that different types of inventions require different type of protection. For example, ‘utility patents’ protect standard inventions such as apparatuses, processes, methods and improvements on existing technologies. Industrial designs protect the ornamental value of an invention – its unique shape, pattern, configuration or ornamentation. The plant breeders Act protects modified varieties of plants. An IP lawyer or agent can assist with identifying the best way to protect your invention.

The Process of Acquiring a Patent

Obtaining a patent can be expensive, time consuming and complex. Making errors during the patent process can lead to the rejection of your application, resulting in a loss of potential patent rights and the finances exhausted into it.

The Essential Ingredients Needed to Get a Patent

The most important determining factor here is the quality of your invention itself. If your invention is novel, has utility, and is non-obvious, your patent application will have a higher chance of success. As law firms in Alberta already know, this does not always result in a strong patent. Let us consider other essential ingredients.

  • Drawings: You need quality drawings, in most cases, to better illustrate your invention to the patent application examiner
  • The Claims: You need to frame your patent claims with care, being too specific or too broad can backfire
  • The Representation: To avoid mistakes that inventors are sometimes guilty of making, a patent lawyer or agent can be invaluable

Overwhelmed by the information at hand? The complexities of the patent process can be challenging. Contact us for assistance.