Home Alone: Is He Old Enough?

Have you ever left your child at home alone? Every parent knows that it is wrong to leave a child at home alone, even if it means going to the store for a quick buy. But will a child ever be old enough to be left at home without supervision? Surprisingly, there are no laws that will keep parents guided as to when a child will be old enough to be left at home by themselves. And yet, there is an unyielding implementation of such law. Parents who are caught leaving their children at home on their own are subjected to serious detention.

When is a child old enough?

Several areas in Canada say that a child at ten years old is already responsible enough to be left at home without subjecting himself to a life-threatening situation. Alongside the laws of the country concerning children being left at home, some areas have also implemented a strict minimum requirement for those who work as babysitters. If you are not sure what the laws concerning leaving children at home are followed in the area where you live, it is best to consult with child services or a family lawyer to be sure. Their knowledge of the law will help keep you out of trouble.

Why are parents responsible for their children?

Parents are responsible for caring and supervising their child. If you leave your child at home with no one else around and an accident occurs – like the fire that can cause serious injuries to the child – you might be subjected to an investigation by child services and the police. Neglect of children’s needs is considered a crime and it could mean jail time if you were found guilty. To ensure your child’s safety, make sure to educate your child on what to do in case of emergencies. Not only does it mean keeping your reputation as a parent safe from any form of investigation. But it, more importantly, will save your child from untoward accidents that could put their lives in danger.

How do you know if a child is old enough to be left alone in the house?

Age is just a number when it comes to deciding whether a child is old enough. Other considerations must also be made as well. If you are planning to leave your child for a short period, it is best to ask yourself if your child is mature enough. Can he or she take instructions and follow them? Does he do his homework when he arrives home from school? Or does he wait for you to shout for his name several times before coming down to eat a meal? All these considerations must be made to ensure that your child will be as safe as when you left him alone at home.