How Corporate Lawyers Benefit Businesses in Edmonton: Part 1

To the outside world, the work of a corporate lawyer may include high-profile lawsuits, complex contracts and managing high-profile corporate clients. Well, at least that’s what we see any time we watch movies or TV shows. The truth is they may do these things and are often involved in additional areas as well.

Here are a few corporate legal areas that corporate lawyers work in regularly:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether businesses are joining forces for the benefit of all involved or aggressively acquiring a significant stake in another business, it’s more than putting another company into a shopping cart. Mergers and Acquisitions legal professionals need to comb through the objectives, implications, challenges, benefits and detriments of entering any deal.

Does the other business have legal troubles or liabilities they may be hiding? A company could be trying to avoid disclosing losses or liabilities and careful due diligence and agreement drafting is warranted. A mergers and acquisitions lawyer in Edmonton can assist with assessing regulatory compliance considerations and managing risk.

Real Estate

Acquiring and developing land often comes with legal challenges, especially when development may be planned for areas with existing neighbours or when commercial lenders are involved. An experienced corporate lawyer may also have experience in commercial real estate and can assist with legal needs arising during the acquisition, development, management and sale of commercial property.

In part two of our blog, we will highlight more areas where corporate lawyers in Edmonton can assist corporate clients.

For questions regarding corporate law and real estate, our lawyers in Edmonton are happy to offer a free consultation to understand your needs better.