How Lawyers Can Help Small Businesses

When you own a start-up or a small business, there is often an emphasis on limiting expenses as much as possible. In the interest of limiting expenses, small business owners may question the need for hiring a business lawyer. We understand and appreciate this interest. We believe small business owners can potentially avoid certain expenses by seeking advice from a business lawyer on establishing and operating their business. Business lawyers can educate you on the legal implications of your business structure and operations, enabling you to effectively structure and protect your enterprise. In addition to providing legal advice on business structuring and operations, business lawyers can also be instrumental in assisting business owners with avoiding liability and lawsuits and drafting legal documents, including contracts. Small businesses can greatly benefit from having a corporate lawyer on board as they assist with:

Formulating an IP Strategy

Intellectual property may be an integral part of a business. Businesses may have business names, logos, taglines, etc. that may benefit from trade name or trademark protections. In certain circumstances, there may also be unique inventions that the company might be associated with where patent protection could be beneficial. Your business may benefit from an IP strategy to decide what needs to be protected and how and our business lawyers and patent and trademark agents can assist with these considerations.

Creating Employment Agreements

Employment agreements assist in establishing the relationship and terms of employment between an employer and employee. These agreements are generally most effective and reliable when they are drafted by business lawyers with input from the business owner on the specific circumstances of the business and employer-employee relationship.

Creating Non-Disclosure/Non-Solicitation/Non-Competition Agreements

Businesses will often be required to share their sensitive and valuable information with their employees, subcontractors or clients, in the course of their operations. Agreements which limit the use of such information by recipients can help protect the business from undesirable disclosure or use of their sensitive and valuable information. Again, these agreements are generally most effective when drafted by business lawyers with input from the business owner.

Liabilities and Lawsuits

Sometimes business owners are exposed to liability and stressful legal proceedings relating to their business operations. At such times, advice from a business and/or business litigation lawyer can be invaluable in assisting to minimize exposure to liability and resolve disputes or claims. A lawyer with familiarity of the circumstances of your business operations is well suited to assist with advising on the business’ overall risk management strategy.

Selling your Business

You will likely require a business lawyer when you plan to sell your business. The process of transferring ownership of a business involves several stages and steps and significant documentation. For such a transfer to be completed reliably and successfully, we recommend business owners (and would-be business owners) seek advice and assistance from a business lawyer.

If you are looking for an experienced corporate lawyer for your small business, then reach out to us today!