How To Apply For A Business License

Every business in Canada needs proper licensure to develop and continue its operations. A license certifies that you have obtained the required training and authorisation to establish your business. Obtaining the appropriate permits also allows you to operate without the threat of litigation and enhances your reputation as a more reliable organisation.

Depending on the type and the structure of your business, you may need to obtain licenses at the federal, regional and municipal level. For the province of Alberta, licenses and permits are granted and regulated under the Fair Trading Act, Charitable Fundraising Act, Cemeteries Act and the Cooperatives Act.

Here is a closer look at the process of getting a business license:

Obtain a Development Permit

Before applying for an operational license, it is important to get a development permit. A development permit grants you consent to use a particular location for establishing your business. These permits are required for any new commercial construction and renovation. You can apply for your development permit by submitting your business plan to the development planner designated for your zone.

Determine the Type of License

Most businesses need licenses of some form to carry on with their operations. Canada Business Network and Service Alberta provide a comprehensive list of licenses and permits that different businesses need to obtain. For finding out the municipal permits that you need, you can use Bizpal. However, certain localities are not listed in this tool’s database. To find about the regulations applicable to these municipalities, contact the local authorities as listed on the province’s online portal.

You can also conduct a permit search to find the specific licenses that your company needs to apply for. It is advisable to consult a corporate lawyer to determine and apply for the exact licenses and permits you need.

Determine the Security

Certain businesses also need to provide some security to fulfil their license requirements and authorise their trade successfully. This entity is considered as a safekeeping for consumers against negligent behaviour of the company. A skilled business lawyer can help you determine whether your business needs to provide a security and the security required, if it is applicable.

Determine the Fee

Depending on the types of licenses you need, you can obtain the forms at Service Alberta’s website. Fill out the application carefully and attach all the documents required. Your business lawyer can then help you decide the fee required depending on the permits you have applied for.

Update your License

Every license comes with an expiry date. It’s crucial to renew the permits and licenses applicable to your businesses. Operating without an updated licensure can lead to legal action against your company and may even result in its dissolution. Although your provincial authorities may provide you with a notice before the expiration of your license, it’s better to employ the services of a professional lawyer to deal with the renewal of permits regarding your business.

Keep these steps in mind while getting a business license. You can also contact a law firm to understand the applications better.