How To Hire A Law Firm

Precaution is better than cure and this is doubly true with regard to the law. The legal system is like a sand pit, once you’re in, it’s really hard to get out. Valuable time and money is wasted settling court cases. A lawyer’s foremost duty is to prevent you from falling into that sand pit. Hiring expert legal counsel should be top priority once your business takes off.

Single lawyer or law firm

Some of us may question the extravagance of hiring a law firm when a single lawyer would suffice. While this may be true for individuals dealing with solo cases, businesses may encounter a variety of cases. Hence they should pick a law firm which specializes in all aspects of business litigation. Law firms specialize in general business litigation, contract law, trademarks, commercial transactions, commercial finance and corporate services, etc.

Whom to hire

Hiring a law firm is a matter of trust. Hence, as a thumb rule, it is best to ask your social circle for a referral. You can make an appointment with any law firm and satisfy yourself as to their expertise. Free consultations are a service provided by few law firms today and is an excellent way to judge their expertise on any matter.

Between large and small law firms, larger firms pack more of a punch. Legal notices received from larger firms are more intimidating in nature. They also have more connections in the legal sphere. However, smaller firms provide specialized services and provide round the clock service because every customer, big or small, is important to them. Also keep in mind that your retainer is directly proportional to the size of the law firm.

Negotiating terms of engagement

A contract of engagement binds you and the law firm. This contract involves the fee charged for services provided as well as the expectations to be met by the law firm. If services are not up to the mark, you can terminate this contract. However, you still need to cover expenses for services rendered.

A law firm can be paid in many forms. If legal counsel is required in many areas, then it is best to keep a retainer. For routine services provided, you may cover his expenses and disbursements by paying a flat fee. In certain types of cases like personal injury, there is a contingency fee involved. This means that the law firm is paid a percentage of recovered money if they win and nothing if they lose. Certain law firms may do a case ‘pro bono’ provided the case is of enormous public interest.

Law firms have a duty to educate you on legal affairs. As they represent your company’s interests, keep in mind that you hire a firm that understands what your requirements are. It is time to change your legal representation if the law firm can no longer give you the time of day. Hire expert legal counsel who can provide you with the solutions to your legal problems.