How to License your Technology Platform

Intellectual property rights are very important to the software industry. The term implies intangible rights of ownership of a software program. In many ways, an intellectual property can be considered an asset. The copyright law in Canada protects the software industry but before it can be used for your defense, you need to go through a proper application filing process. The application filing process is quite simple and lucid for any one hoping to copyright their intellectual property. The Copyright Office is responsible for registering copyrights in Canada. It is a part of the Copyright and Industrial Design Branch of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). The CIPO a special operating agency of Industry Canada which has direct control over Canada’s system of intellectual property rights which includes copyright, patents, trademarks, industrial designs and integrated circuit topographies.

Process of Copyright Registration

The process of copyright registration can be done in two ways, either by filing paper applications or by filing online applications. In case there is a problem with your filing, CIPO will let you know within one-week date of filing.

  • Online Applications

When you send an application online along with the fee, it is automatically downloaded in the internal processing system and is registered.

  • Paper Applications

An application can also be submitted to CIPO by mail or fax along with the fee. It has to be entered manually into the internal processing system to be registered.


Once CIPO receives your application along with the appropriate fees, the copyright is registered. If you have filed an online application, then you will receive your registration certificate along with a registration number within five business days. For paper applications, the process takes up to seven business days.

Assignment Process

These are the certain steps that the CIPO takes for assignment, license and other documents.

  • CIPO enters the information into their internal processing system only when they receive a complete request and a fee to register an assignment or license.
  • If everything with the request and fee is fine, then the assignment, license or document will be included in the Register.
  • In case of any discrepancies with the request or the fee, you will be notified within one week of filing your application
  • You can expect to receive a certificate of registration including a registration number in about two weeks.

Filing a copyright is just the first step to protecting your IP. There are other things that need to be done like filing a patent and monitoring if someone is encroaching on your copyright. If you need more information regarding the process and the different facets of the copyright registration act, then contact Prowse Chowne.