Planning to Negotiate with Your Insurance Company? Here Is What You Need to Know

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New to dealing with insurance companies? Read on to find out how to deal with them and get the best insurance settlement for your claim.

Deduce the Value of Your Case

It is always recommended that you revisit the worth of your insurance claim before you head to the insurance company. The value of your case will depend on this and the losses you have faced. Some of the things that you should consider while assessing the worth of your claim is damaged property, lost wages, loss of social, family and educational experiences, emotional damages, medical care and related expenses, and the damage caused due to accident (such as physical disability). With the help of experts from a law firm in Alberta you should be able to clearly assess the amount you will be pitching for in front of the insurance adjuster.

Try to Negotiate with the Adjuster

Negotiation is not everyone’s cup of tea, which is why it is advisable that you take the help of an attorney to stake your claim. The insurance adjuster is essentially the front end of the insurance company. You will be talking to the insurance adjuster and telling him about the losses you have undergone. Be it loss of good health, property damage, or emotional trauma, present all the facts to the adjuster along with relevant documentary proof.

Your adjuster will try his best not to buy your plea for the amount you expect for the claim. Beware of this and don’t budge. Never agree to settle after the first phone call. Wait for a couple of conversations before you accept the insurance settlement the company offers you.

Emphasize on Your Loss

The fact that you are looking forward to getting an insurance settlement means that you have undergone a loss at some level. Don’t shy away from explaining how the accident or medical negligence has affected you. Focus on the emotional aspects of your loss to make sure the insurance adjuster is aware of the extent to which the damage has affected you. For example, if the car accident led you to postpone your well-planned wedding date, then you should make it a point to let the insurance company know about it.

Seek Legal Help

As mentioned above, the best way to go about this is to approach a reputed law firm in Alberta and seek help from a legal expert.

In order to succeed in your negotiation, it is important that you present your case tactfully without coming across as desperate. Your patience and ability to communicate is what will determine if you end up with the insurance settlement of your choice.