Should You Hire a Patent Attorney?

A patent provides the right of ownership over an invention which is conferred upon the inventor or patentee by the Federal authorities to credit him or her for the creativity which resulted in the invention. A patent also provides your invention protection against infringement which prevents other entities or individuals from making, using, distributing, or selling the product without your prior approval.

Although it is not mandatory for an inventor to hire a patent attorney or agent in Edmonton for registration of their invention, it is highly recommended to do so to ensure the best chances of successfully navigating the patent process. Read on to understand exactly how hiring an attorney in Edmonton could help:

Complexity of Patent Filing

Patent filing is a complicated process, and one could certainly benefit from the extensive experience of an attorney or agent. The reason why an attorney or agent is recommended is that the laws pertaining to patents are highly complex and one could easily misinterpret their relevance, thereby increasing the chance of an error in the final submissions. This could also leave your invention exposed and unguarded from an entity willing to take advantage.

Chance of Application Denial

Moving forward without the guidance of a patent attorney or agent in Edmonton may increase the likelihood of a refusal of the patent application. This could be a result of some minor or major error in the application that you have submitted. This not only delays the process of obtaining the protection which your invention needs, but also increases the chances of your invention being stolen by an outside entity. A patent attorney or agent may be able to help prevent or overcome these types of issues and limit risks of invalidity due to filing mistakes.

Common Errors

A professional attorney or agent in Edmonton has been through this process several times and is well-versed with its different nuances. If you are filing for a patent for the first time, you are more likely to make errors which could damage your application. You could possibly make inaccurate statements pertaining to the characterization of your invention, leading to the discrediting of your invention. Disclosing unnecessary yet important information about the nature of your invention or its conceptualization is also the kind of error that first-time patent applicants are likely to make. A patent attorney or agent can also help ensure that deadlines are not missed that could result in the abandonment of your patent application.

The Patent Law in Canada is a complicated framework of rules and provisions. It can be difficult for an inventor to keep track of its finer specifics. It is for this reason that inventors and start-ups seek to hire the services of professional patent attorneys and agents in Edmonton such as Prowse Chowne.

Their patent practices include drafting and filing of the application, designing a strategy for patent resolution, patent portfolio management, and preparing licensing agreements. With such thorough safeguarding, you can be assured that you and your invention are in good hands.