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The BLA effect on Minerals, Oil & Gas

A builders' lien is required to strictly comply with the BLA. The BLA has specific

Process of LEED Certification in Canada

If you receive an affirmative decision, then your building is LEED certified. If the decision

Paris Climate Talks: What’s New For Canada?

The oil sands in Alberta have been Canada's fastest-growing source of emissions.

Managing Customer Privacy with Wearable Devices

If your company is manufacturing the hardware or developing the software for wearable technology.

The Environment and Politics: Where Does Canada Stand?

With so many new changes in the legislation, environmental lawyers have to keep themselves updated

Components of a Green Building

Energy Star Portfolio Manager is an online tool which enables you to rate and monitor

Can Employers Use GPS To Monitor Your Employees?

The use of GPS technology has always raised issues under the privacy law. Employers are

What Is The BC Environmental Assessment Process?

Today, almost all developed countries have adopted effective environmental assessment procedures to ensure environmental sustainability.

A Crash Course On Canadian Environmental Law – Part 2

Reach out to our environmental lawyers and get a sense of direction on applying sustainable

8 Acts and Regulations Affecting Oil Sands Industry in Alberta

The Environmental Protection and Enhancement act sets out the rules to support and promote protection.

5 Things to Know About Environmental Liability

Canada has a vast array of mineral and natural resources. There are various companies, which

3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs An IP Strategy

Licensing your intellectual property can become a source of income for your business. Without intellectual

3 Mining Trends for 2015 and Their Legal Implications

The new trends emerging in the mining sector in 2015 come with legal implications. Mostly,