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Canada is known to have some of the most reputable law schools in the world.

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The parents have to sit down and talk about the schedule of when the children

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Managing Sweat Equity in Your Enterprise

Prowse Chowne LLP's team consists of experienced Lawyers and Paralegals, who will work with you

Legal Issues Surrounding the Mobile Parking App

Under the Municipal Government Act, cities are permitted to draw up and enforce bylaws in

Legal Disputes Unlocked

if it involves dealing with a lot of legal documents and going through some legal

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Law can be a very demanding profession. The practitioners of law are expected to enter

How Much Competition is too Much?

The act, which is set out in a single federal statute outlines several rules and

How Does a Will Get Nullified?

If you want to get a better understanding of the Wills and Succession Act then

Getting An Annulment in Edmonton

An annulment is another thorough legal process much like a divorce, but it brings about

Employer’s Responsibilities For Workplace Injuries

Employers are expected to submit two annual reports to the Labor Program, namely the Employers

Challenges for Foreign Students in Canada in 2015

Foreign national students in Canada face a lot of challenges when it comes to adjusting

Canada’s Keystone Pipeline Fights The Legislative Battle

Get the legal advice from Edmonton's lawyer. Ask a legal question to Canada's keystone pipeline

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If you want to trademark your slogan, you should consult with a trademark agent. An

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If you are having trouble drafting an effective sexual harassment policy or would like to

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5 Legal Tips For a Hassle-Free Christmas Party [URGENT – time bound post]

Taking legal precautions help with unexpected and unwelcome behaviour at office parties.