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What is the US – Canada Battle over Meat Law?

Canada and Mexico are not happy with the COOL laws because it requires extra work

Transferring Risks Using Contracts

If you want to get an extensive idea about contractual risk transfer, then head to

The BLA effect on Minerals, Oil & Gas

A builders' lien is required to strictly comply with the BLA. The BLA has specific

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4 Reasons You Need A Lawyer To Write Your Will

Writing a Will is one such task that must not be attempted on your own.

Managing Sweat Equity in Your Enterprise

Prowse Chowne LLP's team consists of experienced Lawyers and Paralegals, who will work with you

Mall Safety – It’s Not Just The Law, Its Also About Human Lives

If the injury is minor, you can handle the claim by yourself. But if the

Know your Maternity Related Employment Rights

A maternity leave is a right that every working woman is entitled to and the

Insurance for Your Business – What’s Covered and What’s Not

Here you can get advice from an insurance broker who is familiar with your type

How To Protect Your Business From Liabilities

It is important for every responsible industrialist to protect his/her trade from litigations to avoid

How to Become A Lawyer in Canada?

Law can be a very demanding profession. The practitioners of law are expected to enter

How Does a Will Get Nullified?

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Hiring Employees: What Your Business Lawyer Wants You To Know

If you are a products-based business, a few employees may be enough, though more may

Energy Laws in Canada

If you want to look for more information on Energy Laws in Canada, Prowsechowne LLP

Dealing With The Ex: How To Put Your Children First

Just keep in mind that the divorce is all about the ending of a marriage

Crops and law: The corporate food cycle

we will take a look at the farm business structure in Canada and try to

Can Employers Use GPS To Monitor Your Employees?

The use of GPS technology has always raised issues under the privacy law. Employers are

Are Integrated Circuit Topologies Intellectual Property?

ICTs are responsible for many of the breakthroughs in modern technology, which include communications, entertainment,

8 Acts and Regulations Affecting Oil Sands Industry in Alberta

The Environmental Protection and Enhancement act sets out the rules to support and promote protection.

6 Steps to Start a Charity

Prowse Chowne LLP is involved in not-for-profit corporation & charities as advisors and directors, being

4 Engineering Mishaps you Can Avoid

Disasters are prone to occurring the key to avoiding them is by designing systems in