When Does a Tourist Need a Lawyer in Canada?

While it is an extremely exhilarating experience to discover the beauty of Canada, you should also be careful. New lands have different rules. There may be differences in culture, language and traditions. Canada’s natural beauty and its delicious cocktail of cultures attract a number of tourists every year. The Government has taken great efforts to make Canada a warm and welcoming place for its tourists; the citizens are helpful too. But that does not mean that a traveller should be lax with his safety.

When documents are needed

While touring through Canada, tourists should keep their passport and other travel documents on their person at all times. In case they get into a situation wherein they lose their travel documents or get mugged, they should inform the police and file an application for a copy of their lost documents. In this situation, it would also be prudent to contact a lawyer to make this whole process smoother and less traumatic. A lawyer can aid you even with visa related issues such as extended and illegal stay after expiration of your visa and can even help you with applying for an ARC form in case you were deported from Canada before.

When you are caught in the wrong company

Nowadays, with drug trafficking laws being so strict and different medicines and drugs being banned in different countries, sometimes even regular people may find themselves being accused of carrying restricted and inadmissible drugs into Canada. Sometimes it so happens that you may be enjoying the nightlife of Canada at a pub or a bar and see some people taking and/or circulating drugs. If at such a time you are caught up with them then getting out of such a situation may be tricky. Whether it is a small trouble of improper paperwork at the customs or a more serious offence wherein you appear to be guilty by association, having a lawyer by your side can save you from some serious trouble.

When you stay in the wrong place

Tourists travelling on a modest budget generally look for accommodations at a BnB or rent out an apartment. While doing so, you must be careful or else, in the process of saving a few bucks, you might lose their money. It is necessary to check if your landlord has the license and permissions in accordance to the housing and tenancy laws. Your traveller’s insurance won’t cover the losses incurred in case you get evicted from one such illegal establishment. A lawyer can look over the license and other documents and once he gives a heads up you can enjoy your stay without any hiccups.

When things just happen

In Canada, you will see many places where prior permissions are required to be taken for carrying a camera and taking pictures. At such places, getting caught clicking without the necessary documents can land you in a soup. You will even require the services of a lawyer in case you get into an accident, whether you are a victim or the defaulter.

Thus, whether it is to book accommodation or carry around Diabetes injections or indulging in bar fights or binge drinking marathons, to make most of your stay in Canada and have a comfortable and enjoyable trip, add the contact of a good lawyer to your travel itinerary.