A teaspoon of Emotion

Emotions can play a powerful role at the bargaining table. In preparing a husband and wife recently for a mediation, I told the wife she ought not to be ashamed if a few honest tears were shed as she told her story.

At the mediation session the next day she was solid as a rock but surprisingly her tough as nails husband broke down more than once as he spoke.

When I looked across the table, the opposing lawyer and his client both had Kleenex to their eyes.

Through that honest display of vulnerability our client gained a degree of empathy from the other side that had previously been lacking. That understanding together with some creative problem solving lead to a very favorable settlement.

Getting the other side to really truly appreciate your perspective is often a key to reaching agreement. At Prowse Chowne LLP we understand what it takes to resolve conflict. As counsel we assist clients to put their best case forward. As mediators we use advanced techniques to give both sides a full understanding of the heart of the conflict. As arbitrators we see through the issues to reach a fair and proper decision. Whatever your ADR need, contact us today – we can help.

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