Accident Reporting: How A lawyer Can Help

Although the number of fatalities and grave injuries due to motor vehicular collisions in Canada is steadily declining, automobile mishaps continue to cost victims over 26.8 billion annually. A large share of these injuries are preventable and can cost the survivors up to 15.9 billion in healthcare expenses alone.

Therefore, it is crucial for accident victims to report the incident at the appropriate time and file for their claims carefully. Incorrect filing can lead to heavy expenditure on medical and litigation fees at a later stage. Contacting a personal injury lawyer immediately after the accident ensures the accurate filing of your claims and protects you from legal action in the future.

Here’s a closer look at how car accident lawyers can help after an accident:

Systematise your Medical Records

It is vital for accident victims to seek immediate medical attention after the mishap to ensure their recovery and obtain medical proof as to the extent of the injuries incurred. Not seeking direct assessment from a medical professional after the accident can make the victim contributorily negligent for the damages sustained.

A personal injury lawyer can organise your medical records, ensuring complete recovery from the accident by filing for an accurate insurance claim and avoid unnecessary litigation.

Determine the Liability

The compensation that you receive after the accident depends on the extent of your fault in its occurrence. It is important to determine the lowest fault on your behalf to claim complete compensation for the accident. The critical factors on which proof of the fault depends are:

  • Police Records of the accident
  • Traffic laws of your province

Skilled car accident lawyers examine these records carefully and make sure you obtain the best settlement possible for your damages.

Contact the other Party’s Insurer

To receive a fair compensation for your injuries, you may need to contact the insurance agent of the other driver involved in the accident. This communication needs to be concluded tactfully to ensure a successful negotiation. An experienced lawyer can help you obtain a reasonable compensation for your claim.

Negotiate your Claim

Certain accident victims may receive their health benefits from a workers’ or disability compensation insurance organisation. These claims are received through the services of a lien holder. Your lawyer may need to negotiate a reasonable lien payment with the holder to make sure you receive a fair compensation for your injuries.

Negotiate a Settlement

Negotiating a good settlement for your physical as well as mental injuries is a complex process that needs the expertise of a personal injury lawyer. Lack of appropriate representation may discredit the victims’ injury claim making the process of recuperation difficult for them.

A lawyer critically examines the records and evidences associated with the accident and helps the victim limit his extent of fault in the accident. This ensures that the victims obtain a good settlement for the accident which aids the process of recuperation greatly.

Reporting for an accident and filing for injury claims can be a difficult process for many victims. Consulting a good law firm can make the process of recovery easier and swifter for you and your family.