Benefits Of Hiring A Patent Lawyer Or Agent To File Your Patent

It is natural to want to watch every move you make when your business is in its early stages. Startups generally have limited resources and must carefully choose how to invest their limited funds to sustain their business. This cost cutting aspect holds true irrespective of growth and size across all businesses. It is, therefore, not surprising that business owners hesitate to invest in an intellectual property lawyer or registered agent in Edmonton. The primary reason for this is the cost that may be involved in hiring an agent or lawyer from a reputed firm. But when you think of your intellectual property as an asset, having someone on board to help protect it makes sense.

If you need further convincing on why you need an intellectual property lawyer or agent in Edmonton, read on to learn the benefits of having a lawyer or agent file your patent.

Knowledgeable in the Field of Intellectual Property Law

The best part of having a lawyer or agent assisting you is that you do not have to learn all of the in and outs of the patent process. The lawyer or agent will be well-versed with all facets of intellectual property law and will take care of all the necessary procedures. A patent lawyer or agent will be able to provide an opinion on what type of patent(s) you should consider filing for your invention.

Documentation and Filing

Application drafting and patent filing may seem straightforward, but it is not. Various guidelines need to be followed. Descriptions and diagrams need to be precise yet they should offer a broad scope of protection. Patent lawyers and agents understand filing requirements and how to properly draft patent applications. Their experience can be used to increase your chances of success.

Time Saving

A business owner often wears many hats and often become occupied dealing with various aspects of their businesses such as operations, recruitment, logistics, and marketing. They focus on achieving specific business goals set for the year. With so many responsibilities, it is often better to outsource the responsibility of filing the patent to an experienced professional.

Skilled Research

Understanding how other technology, inventions, and case law can affect your potential success is important. Many inventors are capable of doing research into their inventions, however they may overlook some technologies or misunderstand the potential issues with a reference. This can result in missing out on the opportunity to broad protection of an invention or missing out on obtaining an issued patent. A lawyer or agent can provide guidance into how an Examiner is likely to view a patent application and assist in preparing a detailed application to improve the chances of successfully obtaining an issued patent.

These are some of the benefits of hiring an intellectual property lawyer or agent in Edmonton. Looking for someone to file a patent? Consult with our professionals today!