Building Regulations to be Followed in Alberta

To keep Alberta a safe place for all residents to live and prosper in, the government has come out with certain guidelines. These guidelines make sure that the new buildings coming up in Alberta are safe and secure. These codes and regulations are in place to provide reasonable assurance of safety to the residents living in the newly constructed buildings.

Pre-Construction Regulations

Before starting out with building construction, you have to get the land title registered. Alberta has two land title offices, one in Calgary and the other one in Edmonton. One can submit land related documents in either of the offices. Submitted documents are examined to ensure compliance with the current and related legislation.

Documents will be rejected in case deficiencies are found. The Land title offices register over 150 different types of documents, which are authorised through over 100 acts. The most common documents include: Transfer of Land, Mortgage, Caveat, Builders’ Lien, Utility Right of Way and Discharge. Be wary of Mortgage fraud when buying a new house.

If you are buying a new home, it’s recommended that you hire a home inspector and make sure that all the Building Code Regulations have been complied with and the house is in an optimal condition to move in.

Post Construction Regulations

If you are renovating or repairing your house, then depending on the type of construction or repair taking place, certain permits will be granted. In Alberta, if a prepaid contract is worth more than $200, the Prepaid Contracting Business Licensing Regulation requires your contactor to adhere to certain contractual rules. Further, different cities have different regulations in place for construction and renovation. To get more information about the specific regulations being applied to your city or town, visit the respective municipal corporation’s website.

Once the building is up and running, with residents occupying space in it, it has to comply with certain regulations related to electrical safety, fire codes and standards, gas etc. They come under the Safety Codes Act.


If you are developing or renovating a property in the city of Edmonton, then you have to make sure that you comply with Edmonton Zoning Bylaw requirements as well as the safety code bylaw and Alberta building code.


If you are developing a residential property in Calgary, then keep the Calgary specific Building Codes in mind and make sure that you comply with them.

Or come to us. We’ll help you identify everything you need in order to comply with the law in your province and your city and implement them with ease.