Business Registration in Edmonton

Planning to put up a business in Edmonton and was wondering where to start? Although the process of applying for a business permit may vary from province to province, most of them were similar. Here’s a step by step guide to help you through the process. When you follow all these, you won’t have any problems with your business registration. The fresh start that you want will be this.

Step 1: Select Business Type

The first step is to identify the type of business or industry you wish to get in. The requirements for the business permit will depend on the structure as well as the kind of business. If you are not sure where your desired business falls under, you may consult with a lawyer or an accountant. Their knowledge of the law enables them to give advice on the category you’d like to belong in as well as the basic requirements of your particular nature of business.

Step 2: Register Your Business

Once you have identified the nature of your company as well as the industry it falls in, you can now work out the reservation of your business name. File a business declaration form and get it approved. You will need to fill up a form that requires the necessary information of the enterprise including the nature of the ownership, whether it is for a sole proprietorship or if it is a product of a partnership. You may check out this site to get all the forms you need to fill up and submit for a possible business partnership.

Step 3: Obtain Authorization

In your company start-up, make sure that you have trusted service providers to help you out. From accounting firms to legal firms and then to labor agencies, they will help you make sure that your application form meets all the legislative requirements. These service providers will submit, process and clear up all issues concerning your business use. They will take care of the verification of your business name registration too.

Step 4: File and Pay the Fees

The last step before you get the final permit involves payment of registration fees. Although the government fees may cost a little over a hundred dollars, some service providers may charge you extra, and that would be added dollars to the cost. These firms may charge you for the professional help they have provided, so make sure to shop for the best one at the most affordable rate. Make sure that they are an authorized service provider to keep yourself from becoming a victim of fraud.